Playa del Ingles




The Yumbo center without doubt offers more stylish nightclubs and bars than the Kasbah center.

Over 200 shops, nightclubs and restaurants make the Yumbo center one of the biggest shopping centres in Playa del Ingles. While you can enjoy some drinks in some bars during the afternoon, the majority of the bars and pubs open between 7 and 8pm.

Yumbo is famous for the extravagant gay nightclubs, offering great entertainment such as drag shows. Some of the clubs are men or women only, though many of the clubs are open for all genders. One of the most popular bars at Yumbo is Eiffel bar which prides itself in a friendly atmosphere and excellent service. Ricky's Cabaraet bar is the place to go to experience the famous comedy drag show

Yumbo is also the location of the annual gay pride festival which takes place the second weekend of May. During Carnival season in February, the Yumbo center is a natural focal point of the fesitivities in Playa del Ingles. Read more about the carnival here.

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