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Playa del Ingles Shopping

You will find several shopping centres in the center of Playa del Ingles, with Yumbo and Metro being the best of the shopping centres for shopping. The majority of the shopping centres are filled with bars, clubs and restaurants with a few shops thrown inbetween.

The Metro Center

The Metro center is located near the northern part of the beach, and has some of the best shopping in Playa del Ingles. At the same time, the shops in the Metro center are specifically targeting tourists, so the prices are relatively high and the variety is questionable. As most of the shopping centres in the area, the Metro center is transformed into a party zone after 10pm with a range of pubs and clubs.

The Yumbo Center

The Yumbo Center is the most popular shopping center in Playa del Ingles with a variety of electical goods, clothes, jewellery and the like. Additionally you will find Spar supermarket there where you can stock up on food and beverages.

At night time the Yumbo Center turns into a nightclub hotspot with trendy bars and clubs. The Yumbo center is renowned for it's gay clubs and bars.

The Kasbah Center

The Kasbah Center is technically a shopping center, although the shopping opportunities are limited. The Kasbah Center is more of a hotspot for nightclubs and bars at night time. 

The Plaza Center

The Plaza center is in the same area as the Kasbah center, and is more focussed on shopping than what Kasbah is.

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